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Astell Lab Series

Manual Sliding Door

U-MVS109D (109l)

U-MVS249D (249l)

Powered Sliding Door

U-AVS109D (109l)

U-AVS249D (249l)

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249 Litre Manual Door Sterilizer

The Astell Lab series of sterilizers is designed for use in today’s shared laboratories. With a selectable temperature range of 110°C (219°F) to 135°C (275°F), they are particularly suited for the decontamination and sterilization of laboratory products. Applications include the sterilization of:

  • Wrapped and unwrapped hard goods

  • Porous and non-porous hard goods

  • Liquids in unsealed open containers

  • Biohazard waste

  • Animal feed

  • Animal bedding

  • Bowie Dick

  • Leak test

The Lab series is a general purpose, compact designed vacuum steam sterilizer which has been specifically designed for the needs of today’s shared laboratory. All models come with the following standard features:

  • Easy to use color touch screen PLC controller.

  • Temperature in degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit

  • Pressure in PSI or Bar

  • Emergency stop button

  • Chamber/jacket/steam pressure gauges

  • Adjustable/lockable castors for easy installation

  • Stainless Steel fully jacketed rectangular chamber

  • Internal base shelf and four position rack

  • Manual door

  • Recessed or external cabinet side panels

  • Ink panel printer

  • Vacuum - A liquid ring vacuum pump as standard

  • 50+ programmable cycles

  • Electro polished chamber

  • Auto drain cool down to 60°C/140°F

249 Litre Front Loading Autoclave

Technical Information - U-MVS249D



Model Number/Type:

U-MVS249D Laboratory Autoclave

Steam Source:

Direct Steam


249 litres

Chamber Size:

20" x 20" x 38" (508mm x 508mm x 965mm)

Overall Width:

33.5" (850mm)

Overall Height:

78.7" (2000mm)

Overall Length:

55.1" (1400mm)

Opening Height:

37.4" (950mm)

Fascia Width:

33.5" (850mm)

Steam Utility/Consumption (Lbs/hr):

1/2 inch, 125 peak/85 average (56/38 kg/hr)

Water Utility/Consumption (GPM):

1/2 inch, 5.5 peak/2.5 average (20/9 litres/min)

Air Consumption (ltrs) & Pressure (PSI):

80-100 ltrs/min peak. 60 PSI (Max)

Drain Requirement/Throughput (GPM):

2 inch/54mm 5.5 peak (20 litres/min)

Electric Utility:

(For Direct Steam Models)

208/220 3 Phase + Earth, 5.5 Amps, 60Hz

380/415 3 Phase + N&E, 3 Amps, 60Hz

Electric Utility:

(For Steam Generator Models)

208/220 3 Phase + Earth, 72 Amps, 60Hz

380/415 3 Phase + N&E, 36 Amps, 60Hz

Water Conservation

All Astell vacuum sterilizers are fitted with liquid ring vacuum pumps that use a fraction of the water needed in comparison to vacuum ejector systems. Also, if there is cooling water available from a chilled water loop system, the water usage can be reduced further.

Vessel Material and Construction

The chamber is constructed from 316L stainless steel and the outer jacket is configured with U channel sections. All the U section channels are joined to complete a fully jacketed chamber.

The door face is manufactured from 316L stainless steel and a box section construction for strength. The inside of the chamber is electro polished. The exterior is insulated and covered with aluminium clad. The door seal (gasket) is mounted in a stainless steel groove.

The pressure vessel is designed and manufactured to meet the ASME code section VIII division 1 and all chambers are U-1 stamped and delivered with a certificate.

The chamber floor is configured with a slope towards the chamber drain to direct all liquid condensate. The chamber is fitted with an ASME approved safety relief valve.

Design and Manufacturing Approval

  • ASME "U" Stamp

  • ISO 9001: 2008

  • Medical Devices Directive:

  • (93/42/EC & 2007/47/EC)

  • ISO13485: 2003

Steam Source

All sterilizers are supplied ready to accept a site steam supply of 50 to 80 psi. The sterilizer steam connection is valved and trapped to accept a ½ NPT steam supply. Steam pipe work is constructed of brass/copper and terminated with an isolation valve.

Pipework and Valve Construction

General pipework is constructed from copper/brass with unions and threaded fittings for serviceability. All valves are brass construction mounted to allow easy access for servicing. All process valves are electrically operated solenoids eliminating the need for compressed air.

Door Gasket Construction

The door gasket is fitted into a fabricated stainless steel groove. The door seal is a high temperature silicon round section. The gasket is energised by steam at the start of the cycle and maintained during the cycle process. Once the cycle is complete, the gasket is retracted and the door can be safely opened.


Astell sterilizers are engineered for ease of serviceability, safety and most important reliability. All components are non-proprietary industrial grade to reduce downtime.

Different steam sources available:

(Ex) External Steam Source (Standard)

The external steam option is intended for sites which already have a steam supply available. This is the standard design for this model. An external steam feed enters the unit as per the illustrated diagram.

Steam Generation Options

(Sg) Integral Steam Generator

The integral steam generator option adds an integral steam generator to the sterilizer (which is external to the chamber). 'Autofill' is also fitted as standard to the steam generator. A mains water supply enters the steam generator, where it is heated and converted to steam.

The addition of this option changes the power requirements to 208/440 3 Phase N & E, 72/36 Amps.

Steam Generation Options

Automatic Door

The model you are currently viewing is the U-MVS109D. This model comes with a manual door as standard. To view the model with a vertical sliding door, please click here.

Automatic Door

Load Sensed Process timing - REF: AAR014

Load Sensed Process Timing allows the sterilization cycle to be controlled via the temperature achieved in the centre of the load. The operation of load sensed process timing is controlled via the ‘Logi’ touch screen controller. A ‘wandering’ probe, situated within the chamber is inserted into the load, or load simulator, and initiates the sterilization period once the probe reaches the programmed threshold temperature.

Load Sensed Process Timing

BSL 3 Compliance - REF: AVQ006

Biosafety Level 3 compliance is often required when dealing with high risk sterilization requirements. A bacterial retentive filter fitted onto the exhaust ensuring nothing leaves the chamber without being sterilized.

Note: Filter may vary from that pictured.

Category 3 Filter Option

Loading System

Consists of 1 x External Trolley and 1 x Internal Truck. External Trolley: mild steel, powder coated, with Stainless steel runners to accept internal truck. Internal Truck: Stainless steel, fixed base shelf, plus fully adjustable upper shelf. The truck has rollers which run onto stainless steel rails which are fixed into the base of the autoclave chamber.

Loading System

Other Options

  • Stainless process piping

  • Validation port

  • Water conservation system

Please contact us for more details on the options available.

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  • Are you sterilizing any fluids?

  • Are you sterilizing any wrapped instruments or fabrics?

  • Are you sterilizing anything other than glassware, plastics or media?