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UMB440BT (63l)

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UMA440BT - 63L 'Classic' Top Loading Sterilizer

Astell’s 'Compact' range of autoclaves requires no plumbing and operates from a standard single phase power supply. Many customers choose this model not only for its small footprint, but also because it requires no services other than a standard power supply.

This 'Classic' model UMA440BT requires manual water-fill where the user pours the water in the top of the autoclave between cycles to the required level and then during the cycle condensate leaves the vessel via a silicone tube that can be connected to a heat-resistant bottle (available as an optional extra - see technical tab above).

This model is suitable for sterilizing:

  • Liquids (media)

  • Discard

  • Glassware

  • Laboratory Instruments

This model features

  • A fully programmable touch screen color controller

  • An electro polished stainless steel chamber

  • A base shelf within the chamber

  • An ultra quick Swiftlock door mechanism

  • A self contained design with no installation required - just fill it with water and plug it in and the machine is ready to be used.

Technical details - UMA440BT

The 'Classic' version of the compact autoclave is the simplest type of autoclave in Astell’s range. Water is poured directly into the chamber of the autoclave by the user and the colour touch screen advises when the water is at the correct level.

During the cycle at the freesteaming stage, a small amount of condensate is generated which leaves the autoclave by a flexible hose located at the back of the unit. The flexible hose should then be placed into a drain or a heat resistant condensate collection bottle (available separately as an additional option). At the end of each cycle the user is then prompted by the touch screen display to top up the water level to the correct level before starting another cycle.



Model Number/Type:

UMA440BT - Classic Top Loading Autoclave

Steam Source:

Heaters in the Chamber


63 litres

Power Supply:

208v/220v, 60Hz

Chamber dia x depth

350mm x 640mm

Overall Dims (w x h x d)

530mm x 1040mm x 700mm

500ml Duran Capacity


1000ml Duran Capacity


2000ml Duran Capacity


*Will actually hold 8 if no baskets are used, but required an additional AAN074 base shelf.

Integral Data Printer - REF: AAR130

This printer provides a permanent and traceable record of: time, temperature, pressure, batch number and cycle ame. There is also provision for operator signature. The printer also provides reports of cycle settings and servicing information.

Astell Scientific Printer

Load Sensed Process timing - REF: AAR014

Load Sensed Process Timing allows the sterilization cycle to be controlled via the temperature achieved in the centre of the load. The operation of load sensed process timing is controlled via the ‘Logi’ touch screen controller. A ‘wandering’ probe, situated within the chamber is inserted into the load, or load simulator, and initiates the sterilization period once the probe reaches the programmed threshold temperature.

Load Sensed Process Timing

RS232 Interface - REF: AAR120

The addition of the RS232 option allows cycle progress to be monitored (via HyperTerminal) on an external computer equipped with suitable software.


Ethernet Interface - REF: AAR122

The addition of the Ethernet interface allows the visual display of the colour touch screen controller on another device. This works by using a VNC Viewer (not supplied) and a PC or other hardware capable of running VNC.


IQ/OQ Documentation - REF: IQ/OQ001

The IQ/OQ documents package provides the user with blank documents for them to complete. The IQ section includes details of calibration equipment, an order Acknowledgement, PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) Compliance, a Declaration of Conformity, FAT (Factory Acceptance Test), a Drawing Schedule, ISO 9001:2008 Certification, Pressure vessel specification and door safety checks. The OQ Documentation includes an Automatic control test sheet (per cycle) and Chamber temperature distribution (per cycle)
Please note: This is our standard IQ/OQ Documentation package.


Category 3 Compliance - REF: AVQ005

Category 3 compliance is often required when dealing with high risk sterilization requirements. A bacterial retentive filter fitted onto the exhaust ensuring nothing leaves the chamber without being sterilized.
Note: Filter may vary from that pictured.

Category 3 Filter Option

Assisted Air Cooling - REF: AAP007

A powerful external fan helps to reduce cool down time. The operation of the assisted air cooling system is controlled via the ‘Logi’ colour touch screen and is available on all models as an additional option, except for those fitted with a vacuum.

Assisted Cooling Option

Condensate Bottle - REF: AAN308

The condensate bottle can be connected to any of the Classic compact units to allow up to 4 litres of water collection during the freesteaming stage. This option is useful in situations where no easy drainage is available.

Condensate Bottle

Morrison Discard Container - REF: AAN342

Morrison discard containers allow the user to easily load batches of awkward shaped items. (Dimensions = 310(dia) x 270(h) mm)

Astell Discard Container

Stainless Steel Basket - REF: AAN340

Stainless Steel baskets are made from high quality stainless steel providing both strength and durability. Baskets may vary from those pictured. (Dimensions = 310(dia) x 270(h) mm)

Astell Stainless Steel Basket

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